Nick Schenck

Co-FOUNDER & CEO | LinkedIn

Hometown? I was born in Minneapolis. I've been in Austin since 2013.

What's behind the name 3rd & Lamar? We wrote about it here.

Favorite quote? "Make fear a tailwind instead of a headwind.” - Jimmy Iovine

Last book you read? I just finished "Who is Michael Ovitz?" a memoir from the co-founder of CAA. If you like stories about Hollywood deal-making, it’s a fun book.

Worst habit? Losing sunglasses and breaking headphones.

Band(s) you can't stop listening to right now? Urban Heat, Crystal Castles, Future Islands, Panama, Pinback, and Trevor Something.

Any interesting stories from working in the NFL? I worked at Super Bowl XXXVIII, when Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction. Also, a streaker ran onto the field in the 3rd quarter. Then the Patriots beat Carolina with 4 seconds left. Lots of drama.

Brush with fame? When El Torino with Clint Eastwood debuted in 2008, I began receiving random emails and messages from former classmates and even the Minneapolis Star-Tribune film critic asking for comments about the film. I soon discovered that Nick Schenk - who also was born in Minneapolis - wrote the screenplay.

Nick shares a lot of his thoughts on our blog, so check it out. He also wrote about launching the company before COVID in Austin Monthly.


Heather Grass

Co-FOUNDER & Head of Agency | LINKEDIN

Hometown? Plano, Texas, although I’ve lived in Austin longer than anywhere else.

Favorite Austin music venue? Stubb’s

If you could go on tour with one band, who would you choose? Houndmouth

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Musician

Biggest pet peeve? Unleashed dogs at parks. I know it’s unpopular in Austin not to love dogs.

Most embarrassing moment? I was in a skateboarding accident a few years ago. I was heading downhill on a longboard, going way too fast. During a lapse in judgement, I tried to slow down using the soles of my shoes. It would’ve been less embarrassing if I were trying to do an amazing trick. I ended up in the hospital with a broken arm and stitches. Definitely not my proudest moment.

A perfect day would be? Sleeping in past 8 a.m., mimosas, and hanging out by the pool doing nothing mostly.

When are you happiest? After the first two cups of coffee in the morning. That's the best time to ask me anything.

What was the first business you started? In high school, my friends and I started a magazine focused on music and culture. We interviewed musicians from all over the country. We launched a website and printed copies of the content to distribute at school. We set up Paypal on the site to pay for the cost of printing. The magazine was called, "Making U Think." I didn't realize that would be my beginning in online media.


Tony Stolfa

Co-FOUNDER & Head of production | LINKEDIN | Website

Hometown? I was raised in the swamps of Southeast Texas, but Austin has been my home for the last 6 years.

What brand inspires you the most? The brand I’m currently working with.

What inspired you to fight in MMA events?  My inspiration for fighting was roused by the same curiosity to test myself that carries me through my career. My first fight was a forged-by-fire challenge to settle the nervous tension of defending myself against another trained human. As it happens, getting punched in the face routinely will do wonders for this. For me, martial arts competition is a means of exercising my ability to think clearly under pressure and perform physically under extreme duress.

Favorite film? The best answer for that bad question is always Forrest Gump.

Any hidden talents? I already mentioned I could take a punch, but I can also flip my eyelids inside out faster than anyone on the planet. Bet.

Describe your musical tastes in 3 words or less. Rock-n-Roll.

Top 3 apps you use? Gmail, Instagram, Google Maps.

Most cherished possession? My espresso machine.

Ideal vacation spot? Somewhere new and slightly uncomfortable. I don’t enjoy pampering myself much.

Biggest regret? No time for those.

Top spot in Austin for tacos? I’d put Lazarus Brewing Co. as the top seed for having the best filler-free, no-bullshit tacos in town. Great beer, too.


Samantha Oliver

Digital Media Manager | LINKEDIN

Hometown? I was born in New London, Conn., but I’ve spent most of my life in Central Texas.

Favorite song lyrics? “Breathe in, breathe out, move on” This was from a Jimmy Buffet song about Hurricane Katrina, but it’s a good mantra for when things get overwhelming.

What do you love about Austin? Definitely the live music. I miss being able to walk downtown and hear multiple bands playing at once.

Favorite sport? My favorite sport to play is soccer. I’ve been playing since I was 4 years old. But my favorite sport to watch is 100% football. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge Alabama football fanatic. Roll Tide!

First concert you attended? Technically, the Dixie Chicks in the Frank Erwin Center was the first real concert I went to. I went to My Chemical Romance at Stubb’s a few years after that as my first “rock” concert, so I consider that more my first concert experience.

What is something you want to do in the next year that you haven't done yet? I was originally planning a trip to London with my mom for August, but with everything going on, that wasn’t possible. Still hoping to travel internationally in the next year, though!

Are you reading anything? I have a bad habit of reading multiple books at once. Currently, I’m reading “The Devil in the White City” by Erik Larson, “Nos4a2” by Joe Hill, and “If It Bleeds” by Stephen King.