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  Sam's prints come in standard sizes 8x10 and 11x14. You can also order special enlarged printing on vinyl or paper at any size. For special orders call gary smith at: 310-926-9559 or email for more information. FREE SHIPPING for all U.S. orders.
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you'll have to call back, i'm hungry.*

you can't run away from your problems, so take a cab instead.*

who says you can't have it both ways?*

kind of busy right now, honey*

what have i got to lose?*

to hell with it!*

some people need all the help they can get.

i hate it when people aren't polite.

get out of my sight.*

don't make me get rough with you.

justice will be served, but not for lunch!*

best seat in the house*

winning isn't everything; it's just what happens when you don't fail miserably*

chairman of the board*

where did you get an idea like that?*

my problems are funnier than yours.*

a whole new can of worms*

would you believe i'm armed to the teeth?

if you can't fix it, don't break it.*

if you have to choose between being dirt poor or filthy rich, then you aren't very smart.*

get a hold of yourself*

who's counting?*

that's about the size of it.

how do you get this thing to go faster?

in the event of an emergency, please include me in your will!*

looking for a place to sit*

don't get wet

brand new old car*

playing by the book*

the stuff truck